My name is James Cartwright. I moved out to Los Angeles in 2007. I have a wealth of experience from working on a variety of different shows and productions in television and film. I find working in the industry fun and vastly rewarding as I continue to learn from each opportunity.

With every production, I help by bringing a full arsenal of producing skills. My capabilities and strengths for shows are: Scheduling, Hiring/ Managing Crew, Talent Booking, Equipment/ Props Rental, Scouting, Permitting, Location Management, Contracts/ Releases, Call Sheets, Media Management, Payroll, Tracking Story, Booking Travel, and Researching.

To contact me, please email:

When I am not working in television, I spend time on crafting screenplays, comic book publishing, and podcasting.

Please explore the links above and check out the different projects I'm working on.