"The Rabbit Chef: and the Phantom Pepper." This 80 page adventure is a great read for all ages as you follow the adventures of Cass the Rabbit and Jay the Fox in their quest deep through the forrest for the elusive phantom pepper. 

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I am a devoted fan of comic books! So much so that I have written, edited, lettered, designed, and printed a few of my own books. I have appeared as a comic creator at WonderCon Anaheim, Long Beach Comic Con, and Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo.

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Hamsters #1 - Two hamsters venture outside their cage to escape from the clutches of their evil owner, a nine-year-old girl.
"...the comic is still full of a number of laughs and a decent dose of heart." - Bryant Dillion, fanboycomics.net

Rocky Mountain Fire Lizard - As railway tracks are laid across Colorado's rocky terrain, a dragon awakes from its slumber. A farm boy and proper girl chase after the monster to be the first to collect the bounty on the creature's head. 
"Writer James Cartwright does a great job with Jeb and Charlotte's banter... by the end of this issue, it's impossible not to love both of them." - Kristen Chester, fanboycomic.net

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